Walk and Talk Counselling

Walk and Talk Counselling by Azelene Williams

Walk & Talk Therapy recognises that nature is healing.  Conducted outdoors, in a natural environment, these walk and talk counselling sessions allow the mind and body to work together to achieve wellbeing.  Combined with the scientifically proven fact that light exercise can alleviate depression, many clients find that this combination boosts their mood, helps them articulate their emotions better, and assists them with finding better life balance. It is an excellent form of psychotherapy for PTSD, chronic illness or pain, eating disorders, stress management, grief, depression, and more.

Walk and Talk Counselling by Azelene Williams

Although my office falls in the City of Joondalup, I cover five areas when it comes to the Walk and Talk Counselling services. View the map to see the five areas we can meet up in or contact me for more details. Remember I am a pet-friendly service and if you would like to bring your dog along on our walks, feel free to do so.

Walk and Talk Counselling service areas  Azelene Williams
Pt friendly holistic counsellor Azelene Williams
Feel free to bring your support pet with you to your sessions. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra support.

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