Vaping Clearing the Air Program

The Vaping Industry is estimated to be worth $67 Billion by 2027.

Who do you think this BIG business is targeting to achieve these financial figures – Our Youth. 😑

We have been fortunate enough to present our Vaping Clearing the AIR Presentation to over 50,000 individuals in 41 days of bookings made up from Schools (Secondary and Primary), Community Groups, Youth Centers and Parents all across Australia and Internationally. 🌍

Vaping has become a massive problem in schools, not just Secondary Schools, now in Primary Schools as well (Year 5 and 6) .

The Youth need to be better educated on this harmful addiction.

Teachers and Parents need to be better educated on vaping, the marketing behind it, the health risks associated with it, the black market and so on. 🚭

If you are reading this post and are:

a) Involved in a school as a Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher or Administrator

b) A parent of a child that attends a school that you know is currently being affected by Vaping

c) Involved in a Youth or Community Centre/Group that may be interested in speaking with me

Please send us a PM or πŸ“ž 1300 383 983.

Our Vaping Clearing the AIR Presentations can be delivered Face to Face or via Zoom anywhere in the World. 🌍

We need to work together to make sure this BIG business does not achieve their financial target of $67 Billion by 2027. 🚭

Azelene Williams, is our lived experience presenter, having presented Nationally and Internationally for over 10 years now on a range of education topics. πŸ‘©

REMEMBER: Together we can make a difference. ❀️

Vaping Clearing the AIR Presentation
Vaping Clearing the AIR Presentation

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