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Azelene grew up with Dyslexia and knew first hand how challenging that could be in school. She was classified as dumb, stupid and a washout by her teachers. At the age of 15, Azelene was a civilian in a bomb blast in South Africa and at 16 she was caught up in a physical and emotionally abusive relationship when she was almost killed twice. Azelene survived not just because it wasn’t her time. She survived because she was placed on earth to share her story with others.

Azelene Williams offers a safe space for teens who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) low self-worth, anxiety, depression, trauma and/or abuse.  These experiences can lead to difficulty in relationships and friendships, suicidal thoughts, self-harming and self-sabotaging behaviours, addictions, poor grades in school, and an inability to concentrate, among others.

The most important message teenagers experiencing these things can hear is: It is not your fault! Azelene understands the events that have led to produce such feelings of inadequacy and even destructive behaviour like addiction, are often the result of the actions of adults in a teenager’s lived experience.

In fact, as a teenager, you might not even be aware that the feelings you are experiencing are the result of how others have treated you in the past, including role models, your peers, and even your parents. It can be the result of your parents’ divorce, bullying, losing a loved one, or something you’ve experienced that has hurt you psychologically.

Remember…you’re not alone. And in most cases, it isn’t something you can just “get over”. Trauma needs to be worked through with a professional counsellor who understands how these experiences can impact how your brain works and how your emotions are processed. I want to be that lifeline for you.

What happens in workshops sessions with Azelene

In many cases, being around others who share our struggles is healing, within itself. When you join Azelene for a workshop, you’ll be spending a few hours with other young people who are experiencing feelings and frustrations that are similar to yours.  It will be a safe environment where no one is judged and we all learn from each other. As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, Azelene understands how these experiences can cause your life to feel like it’s spinning out of control. She will offer you ways that she learned to heal from her own traumas, and teach you methods to cope, build your self-esteem, and connect with others who understand your journey and needs.  

Services for Teens

  • Face-to-Face Counselling
  • Body Mapping Group Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Healthy Relationship coaching and support
  • School based Healthy Relationships Programs – See WA Child Safety Services for more information. https://wachildsafetyservices.com/

Azelene is part of WA Child Safety Services and delivers programs in schools. For more information regarding the Teen Safe Program click on the School booking page. https://azelenewilliams.com/bookings-enquiry/

The difference between an Adult Counsellor and a Teen Counsellor

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