What is Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling:

Holistic Counselling is counselling for the body, mind and spirit. Working with the Holistic Counselling model assists to integrate all those parts of ourselves that are so often fragmented as a result of our life experiences, working towards our wholeness once again.

Cellular Memory:

Cellular memory is a way to describe the way the body holds on to trauma. This ability would also imply that cells have an intelligence, and can and do communicate between themselves and with us as human consciousness.

E-Motional Pain:

E-motional pain is in fact a manifestation of stagnation of energy trapped by a traumatic memory. This trapping of energy, (in our subtle energy bodies) becomes what we term an imprint. When imprints are not released via emotion, they push their way into our physical bodies for release, causing physical illness and pain.

When the emotional pain is too much to handle at the time of the trauma, we avoid and/or repress it in an attempt to preserve our system. This pain is then released when we are spiritually and emotionally ready to cope with and face it.

If we never choose to face it, the imbalance from the emotional repression will move to our cells in the body where it is stored away in what is commonly known as ‘cellular memory imprints’. These imprints stop the flow on life force within the physical body and will eventually if left unchecked lead to physical illness and dis-ease.


The Four Fold Model:

In this model, our processes are based on the fact our body, mind and spirit are all interconnected and therefore any experience we have, exerts an influence on each of these parts of us simultaneously. As we go through life, our experiences, good or bad, leave, an energetic/vibrational imprint in the cells of our body (as mentioned above). Once we have an imprint (and we all have many), we are open to being triggered by. new experiences which carry a similar vibration. We feel these triggers such as anger, frustration, judgement, grief in our body and it is through these feelings that we, as Holistic Counsellors, mentor the client along the path of accessing these imprints with the intention of clearing the original trauma. It is through the use of art therapy, sound therapy, visualisation and movement that we assist the client, to release and surrender these imprints so we may expand the harmonising energies of what we desire in our lives.

The Physical:

Our physical state is in the -flesh, it is the most dense in energy of the four body types. Our physical body can be touched and observed with the human eye.

The Etheric:

The etheric body mirrors the physical body but is, a more subtle energy. The etheric is responsible for maintaining our life force whilst in the physical. It is most felt when we are tired and feeling really low, lack lustre and vitality or when we are experiencing the opposite, energised and ‘bouncing out of our skin’ we can feel the vibrancy of this life force. Physical and emotional stress, drain this body, sleep, exercise, meditation, listening to good music are some ways to build and maintain the energy of this body. The physical body relies on the etheric to source its energy.

The Astral:

The astral body is a finer vibration to the etheric and physical body but also mirrors these two lower energy systems, moving in and out depending on our experiences and our reactions to them on a day to day basis. Our astral can be likened to a suitcase, a place where all the energetic imprints of our life’s experiences are stored but not processed.

The ‘I Am’:

The’ I am’ is the part of us that one can term the soul or spirit. It is that part of us which is unique and individual. It allows us to feel we are present in the moment and centred in our bodies. The ‘I’ gives us that inner strength, determination, courage, love, joy, insight and other qualities.

The Importance of the Breath:

Breath is the source of our life force. We have all experienced trauma in our lives and have felt how difficult it is to breathe deeply when we are in the midst of it. Imprints are deposited on the astral and at the same time the breath is contracted in that area. The area becomes devoid of breath and where there is no breath there is no ‘I Am’ or higher self. Lack of breath and ‘I am” therefore causes di-ease in the all three lower body types, the astral, the etheric and the physical body. Our aim therefore in Holistic Counselling is to bring back that higher self and expand the trauma area with life force once again.

Tools Used In Body Based Therapy:

We use a range of non-verbal mediums by which to access the consciousness. In our sessions we ask you to sense in the body and visualise, we use gestures to trigger old memories, art (watercolour and pastels), clay, sand play and sound to powerfully access, uncover and heal wounds.

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