Domestic Violence Resources


Locker Room Talk Against Domestic Violence By:  Alexis Jones




Broken to Brilliant LTD ™ is an Australian registered not-for-profit charity established by domestic violence survivors’ to mentor other survivors to re-establish successful lives. We help victims who have safely left the abusive relationship and are out of the crisis by providing services and programs to empower, support, assist and give hope to survivors in their journey to create a new chapter in their lives.

We believe that by helping the less fortunate, victims of domestic violence, vulnerable families and children, the elderly, those affected by fire, new comers & those just doing it tough, No Limits Perth can make the difference.

By providing practical help by means of food hampers, furniture, toiletries & basic essentials, our aim is to help equip and empower you to keep your faith and give you hope to believe for a brighter future.

Vision: Our vision is to inspire and empower women to find support, strength and resilience to become the best versions of themselves.

Mission: Rising Lotus WA is a collective of passionate professionals providing a holistic approach to women experiencing relationship breakdowns.

Objective: Our objective is to promote a positive outlook on life. We will combine our own lived experiences with professional knowledge to deliver workshops, seminars, one-on-one, face-to-face and Zoom meetings to guide women through obstacles they may face when it comes to relationship breakdowns including but not limited to separation, divorce and domestic violence. We want women to know that there is help and support out there when needed.

Our aim is to support and protect employees, (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity or social and workplace position) and the businesses that they work for, against the very real threat, of domestic abuse in the workplace. To engage with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, including the Armed Services and Police Forces, in an attempt to change how they think about and react to domestic abuse. To start the conversation in a bid to raise awareness about domestic abuse in the workplace, through informative talks and workplace training. To provide employers with the tools required, to strengthen their response to workplace incidents and to support employees experiencing and perpetrating domestic abuse. To encourage businesses to be proactive in the implementation of domestic abuse policies and procedures and to work closely with all appropriate staff (HR, managers, security staff).